Hunt Corporation Lobby
Dallas, Texas / Designed by Michaela Mahady, Pegasus Studio, Inc.

Foucault's Pendulum with 21' diameter, floor medallion in marble, granite, brass and stainless steel with a 15' diameter superstructure of painted steel, bronze, stainless steel, and glass.

Reception Desk in ebony and cherry wood with bronze details and marble top.

Fabrication Team

  • Superstructure: Rainville-Carlson, Inc.
  • Floor Medallion: Waterjet Works, Inc \ Dee Brown Inc
  • Knock-down Pegs: Quality Manufacturing
  • Clock: David Hickman
  • Desk & Cradenza: Patella, Inc.
  • Ceiling Medallion: David Hickman
  • Pendulum Mechanism: Academy Pendulum Sales
  • Lectern: David Hickman
  • Construction Drawings: Maury Stenerson
  • CAD Documentation: Brad Kaspari
  • Photography: Ron St. Angelo